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How good is the leadership of your organization?

The key factor for success in any organization is the quality of its leadership.

The Key to successful leadership consultancy is not just "hunting heads"

We believe a combination of knowledge, dedication and integrity is key to the successful analysis of the client's leadership.

  • Knowledge of not just the business but the business environment in which the client operates.
  • Unparalleled dedication to achieve change for the better.
  • Integrity to guarantee that while change is being implemented it doesn't go public before the client wants it.

We counsel organizations in their evaluation of people and strategy.

Effective Leadership

Dave Ulrich in "The leadership code" asks the following question:

What makes an effective leader?

The central core attributes of every leader must be:

  • Strategist (where are we going)
  • Executor (able to get work done)
  • Talent Manager (engage, connect, communicate)
  • Human Capital Developer (builds the next generation in the organisation)

The core factor every leader has to master:

  • Personal Proficiency (knowing yourself, the ability to learn, integrity, emotional intelligence and good judgement)

The Leadership Code Page 24